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Accessories Council

The Accessories Council, established in 1994, is a not-for-profit organization that serves the global accessories industry. Membership has grown to include over 260 companies representing the world’s leading brands, designers, publications, retailers and associated providers for the accessories, jewelry, eyewear and footwear industries.

Our mission is to stimulate awareness within the accessories industry by guiding, developing, and educating our community through events and programs. We are committed to building relationships by connecting our members to the right people and opportunities.


Karen Giberson

A genuine style insider, Karen has years of experience in merchandising, marketing and public relations. As President of the Accessories Council, a non-profit national advocacy group, she represents nearly 300 dynamic companies in the fashion footwear, accessory and jewelry industry.

Beyond current members, Karen works with hundreds of brands, retailers and industry support executives. Interacting mainly with C-level executives, she is charged with being a voice for the industry and leading efforts to assist members with sales and awareness. Her position gives her a unique perspective to the industry and as a business partner vs client, gets a realistic view of the opportunities and challenges these companies face. In this active role, she sees trends, hears concerns and helps identify opportunities.

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