Strategic Counsulting

CoMetrics Partners

CoMetrics Partners is a management consulting firm that has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes in the most challenging circumstances.

Our unique expertise provides the vision and leadership to leverage operations, technology and finance to drive operating efficiencies and profitability. We partner with Executive Management, Lenders and Private Equity to solve complex challenges and achieve meaningful outcomes while mitigating risk. We pride ourselves on our ability to analyze, assess and act sharply and decisively.


Jack Shweky

Managing Director

Jack joined CoMetrics Partners in 2015 where he quickly demonstrated his skill sets as a hands on finance and operational driven manger. Jack leads the CoMetrics data analytics team and was instrumental in developing the firm’s proprietary systems. Prior to joining CoMetrics, Jack was a senior manager in a professional services firm specializing in performing due diligence and collateral assessments for Tier One Banks and Asset Based Lenders.

Jack is a proud alumni of the University of Miami where he earned degrees in both finance and accounting.

Jack enjoys playing golf in his spare time.

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