Think Royln: Creators of Cool for Life on the Fly

Think Royln: Creators of Cool for Life on the Fly

This ain’t no puff piece… well, actually it is.

Puffy pieces are the crux behind fashion label Think Royln, which built a whole business around unexpectedly cool quilted bags, fashion accessories and outerwear, all for life on the go.

The company was co-founded a couple of years ago by Pattie Friedman and Kristin Wielenga, BFFs (and former F.I.T. roommates) who had spent their careers working in the fashion industry. They struck out on their own, partly to set a strong example for their respective 13-year-old daughters, and partly because they saw a void in the market for a quilted line with items and attitude.

Today, the line includes lightweight totes, backpacks, bum bags, cosmetic cases, hats, scarves, leg warmers and outerwear, selling at fashion, fitness and athleisure stores like Neiman Marcus, Shopbop and Bandier. “Our luxury fashion boutiques tell us we’re the ‘fun, cool add-on,’” says Pattie Friedman. “It’s all about mixing high and low and being creative. Luxury retailer Joan Shepp even showed our leg warmers as arm warmers!” Retails range from $78 to legwarmers to $218 for totes and $398 for a reversible duster vest with hood. There’s an edge to the line, too, with names like the Editor bag, Downtown Crown hat and Warrior vest. Pull-through scarves are emblazoned with the words POWER, ORIGINAL or LIFE ON THE FLY.

Ponchos are a key item, perfect for year-round layering and borne out of necessity. “My son plays ice hockey and I was always lugging my winter coat to the rink in August. I had Kristin make me a lightweight poncho that I could easily slip into my bag, and by the end of the season we’d made them for all the team moms.” 

Think Royln’s highly curated line focuses on functionality, like the 3-Ring Circus group, where three various-sized cosmetic bags clip together on a webbing wristlet strap. “They’re perfect for travel, as you can still carry a lot but it all stays organized. Along those lines, travel is another area that is ripe for development, with more organization built in.

In design, the line started with solids and metallic with striped nylon webbing and has since added floral, camouflage, plaid and snake prints, plus patent leather. Tie-die and dip-dye coming for Spring with faux fur being worked in for Fall.  

 What’s next for the brand? “We get the most requests to make clothing for kids and dogs, and that’s something that we would do in a narrow and select way. Maybe in 2020.”

Think Royln shows at Sola Showroom in NYC.